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Kanna logo

Paul Green is the premier women’s luxury shoe company that truly integrates impeccable fit with European design for women with active lifestyles–creating beautiful, well-made shoes that women can be worn from day into night. Their shoes are the epitome of form harmonizing with function.

Superb craftsmanship is only part of what makes a Paul Green shoe. Hand-tailored in Austria, their elegant designs are guided by European heritage and inspired by lifestyle trends in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

K&S logo

Authentic German style and a multitude of variety is what Kennel & Schmenger women’s shoes brings you. For ladies who love to inject a dose of continental glamour into their wardrobe, this selection truly is the ideal option. It contains shoes of all different styles, each boasting that irresistible feminine charm for which Kennel & Schmenger women’s shoes are so famous.

Crafted from the finest materials, these gorgeous shoes from the Rhineland provide you with luxurious comfort which your feet will adore – the craftsmanship is stunning and the designs are sumptuous.

PK logo

Originating in Germany, the Peter Kaiser designer shoe brand was established in 1838. As a recognized designer of women’s footwear the brand has gained a cult following across the globe. Peter Kaiser shoes hold a reputation for channeling key fashion trends from season to season, with styles being added to the extensive collections daily. 

Crafted from fine leathers, soft suede’s and fabulous fabrics, Peter Kaiser designer footwear is a stylish, sophisticated and timeless choice.

CS logo

Carmen Saiz has a long history, specializing in the creation of the classic models of Spanish footwear rope. It was founded as a family business and is becoming a major producer in reality.

In 2008 the idea was born to develop its own line called Carmen Saiz. The strength of the collection is the combination of using superior materials, experienced craftsmanship and great prices.

Kanna logo

The Company CAPICCIO SL was founded in 1985 by brothers Juan and Tomás De La Cerda. Manufacturing jute footwear was their main activity that gave rise to the footwear brand Kanna. The company is located at an attractive and natural setting of La Encarnación in the Region of Murcia, strategic and renowned for its tradition of making handicrafts, jute and also as a strategic location for their archaeological and historical findings.